About the Indie Birth Sanctuary

The Vision

We envision a world where the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine come together to manifest the conscious creation of a new soul; where birth is a conscious and profound rite of passage to bring forth new life in love, freedom and peace, a world where women carry a clear understanding of their strength and divine feminine power, are deeply connected to their bodies, babies and inner wisdom, and possess full autonomy in birth and in life. This is where women and families are nourished during the magical time after birth. Children grow and flourish, supported by an unbreakable connection to the love that created them, and develop into free men and women who emit that vibration in every area of Life. We see a world where life begins in love, a love that unifies, and strengthens connection and lights the path of each being on the journey towards making a unique contribution. This is a time and place where incoming souls choose a higher frequency that forever affects and lifts humanity for the better.


All beings are inherently free. Everything we require is found within us and the abundance of Nature. The way we are born matters. Birth is a spiritual initiation and an expression of freedom and creativity.

Women are powerful. Women know what is right for them. Women have the ability to birth naturally and without interference. A woman requires full autonomy in her birth experience and choices. A woman’s health during pregnancy, birth and postpartum affects her lifelong health.

Midwifery is an art that needs to be preserved. Midwives mother mothers as they guide souls into this plane.

Souls incarnating now are asking for a magical and sacred location and environment in which to be born. Babies born peacefully and mothers that feel powerful will change the world.

Connection to Nature and to Spirit are key during the birth process. Birth is not a medical event. Birth and midwifery become dangerous and disempowering when regulated by the medical model/government.

Birth is a private event and birth attending is a private relationship between members that shall not be influenced by unwanted outside forces.

Conscious birth creates a new reality.

Our Mission



  • Provide conscious birth attendance and care by traditional spiritual midwives, for people that align with our Vision.
  • Create the physical and spiritual space whereby women can have a close connection to Nature prior to birth.
  • Facilitate nurturing, counseling, education and healing before, during and after the birth process so that it can be a life changing experience.
  • Facilitate hands on learning opportunities for women learning traditional midwifery and preserves the art of traditional midwifery learning.
  • Provide women worldwide the option to safely birth breech babies vaginally.
  • Create a strong spiritual community/society of shared values around freedom, autonomy, birth, consciousness and parenting.
  • Connect like-minded people who value healing through food, plants, bodywork, breath work and sustainable spirit-led conscious living.
  • Create the New Earth by impacting its beginnings at birth.